Our school is unique from other Thai language schools. We do not offer courses like Thai for Beginner level 1, 2, 3. Instead, we focus on being practical--what you want to do with your Thai language skill.

No more learning endlessly about something you’re not interested in or don’t even know if you’ll have a chance to use! This innovative curriculum was developed to take you on a fast track to learn things that matter to you.


Choose the courses that suit your need or interest. If you have never learned Thai before, you are required to take the First Step course first. 



First Step

Take your first step in learning to speak Thai! This course will equip you with all the basics you need to know to take another step in your desired route(s).



Easy Read&Write

Thai language has no consensus on phonetics. With our Karaoke phonetic system, you can write in a way that Thai people will understand, although not in a professional and formal way of writing.


Discover a totally new way of learning Thai reading and writing now!



Small Talk

It’s always good to have native friends and be friendly with the locals when you live abroad. Small talks help strengthen newfound friendships and promote good understandings by explaining yourself and learning about other people’s feelings and their culture.



Office Talk

Thai language has levels of formality. If you want to speak Thai at your workplace, this course is strongly recommended for you. You’ll learn not only Thai lessons about office talks but also Thai culture and etiquette in Thai offices.