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About Us


We are a team of language enthusiasts from Thailand who have experiences in living abroad, learning second and third languages, and going through the difficulties of not understanding what the native speakers say just because how we learned the language in the classroom didn’t apply to how people talk in real-life settings.


Besides knowing the languages, we know how much fun you can have and how better life can be if you are able to communicate well and have access to the right information about each language and its local culture. 

Read Our Co-Founders' Direct Experiences Here 


We’ve heard many foreigners speak Thai in such a complicated and formal way, many outdated. We’re not saying that it’s bad but why bother going through a longer and complex route while you can take a much simpler and easier one? It’s more accurate, appropriate, and natural.

At ThaiToYou, we aim to make Thai language simple to learn (as it actually is!) and we want to deliver both Thai language and culture in the most effective way through a happy and fun learning experience.

Learn Thai smartly with us!

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